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The sophistication of human resources must not lie in the tool but in what it can achieve

Thursday 29 April 2021
Digitalizing the company and streamlining collaboration are the keys to ensuring the sustainability of the business, in an increasingly uncertain, volatile and competitive environment.

In terms of HR management, SMEs express the same needs as large groups: tight human resources management, without overly sophisticated tools and processes! A company with few hundred employees rarely exceeds three hierarchic levels. Decisions are therefore taken in short circuits and the human connection is relatively straightforward.

The added value of medium-sized structures depends on this pragmatism and this detailed knowledge of employees (breakdown of staff, who does what and where, organization chart, movements, etc.).


Agile HR management


HR management must therefore absolutely help maintain and develop this advantage, and not destroy it with needless red tape. Whether administrative, recruitment, training, teleworking, annual performance or mobility management, the relevant HR solution is the one that takes best practices from large groups, adapted to the specific characteristics of SMEs . It should “package” essential features so as not to overburden the teams and management.

The primary contribution of a pre-configured and “off-the-shelf” human resources management solution is that it should be very simple to roll out. But the benefits do not stop at that: the right balance between best market practices and the standardization of processes can easily meet the daily HR issues of.

"I spend only 15% of my time inputting, updating and extracting data in ARAGO Ready for RH, and that 15% has a significant impact on my job and on the rest of the company!”
Leslie Benatar ARAGO Consulting
Leslie Benatar
Chief People Officer ARAGO Consulting (150 employees in 11 countries)

On-boarding employees in the best conditions

Access to well thought-out on-boarding processes that link up the hiring process from the application phase through to the presentation of an access card, and including the creation of the employee’s profile, is a real time-saver and makes all the difference as an employer brand!


Keeping pace with growth and transformation

SMEs are the driving force behind our economic fabric and are characterized by rapid growth and two to three year change cycles: new markets, massive recruitment, takeovers, etc. The HR tool must be able to keep up and remain flexible in terms of migration, workflows and data structuring.


Real-time information

The Cloud increases reactivity. In a world where more people work remotely, the ability to update HR data reliably, in real time and from anywhere, is an important advantage for all users.


Promoting independence among employees

Fully automated management of HR data, process standardization, intuitive interfaces, identical between countries are all factors that encourage employees to adopt the solution. Whether you want to schedule a meeting with your manager or map out a customized training plan, the HR teams can hand over to you seamlessly and therefore dedicate their time to more value-added tasks.


A comprehensive solution that adapts to local conditions

SMEs seek a balance between harmonized processes that promote a sense of belonging and a response to the specific labour laws of each country.



Focus on HR of the future!


In the future, attracting the best talents and developing their potential will become a non-negotiable imperative! In this area, data is key. That is why companies that have already digitalized their processes – have reliable HR data, scalable and automated reporting, independent and committed employees – clearly have a leading edge!

ARAGO Ready for HR

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