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A turnkey HRIS solution to meet the expectations of HR decision-makers and CEOs of medium-sized companies.
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ARAGO Ready for HR

An agile HR management solution


Regarding HR management, medium-sized companies express the same needs as large companies, without the sophistication of processes and tools, but with the added value of such an agility!

In terms of administrative management, recruitment, learning, annual interviews or mobility, the “right” HR solution is one that embeds the best practices of large groups, adapted to the specificities of SMEs.

Based on the SAP SuccessFactors platform, ARAGO Ready for HR packages the essential features so you can benefit from the best HR practices, guarantee a simple and quick deployment, but also to avoid overstretching your teams.

An extanded range of solutions


The right balance between market best practices and process standardization allows us to respond to the day-to-day HR challenges of medium-sized companies. Flexible and agile, ARAGO Ready for HR can be adapted with several options that can be added to the Admin’, Recruit’, Talent’ and Learn’ modules, very simply and quickly.

Secure the development of your HRIS
with ARAGO Ready for HR support


User assistance, incident resolution, evolution of your HR solution: our support teams support you as soon as your ARAGO Ready for HR solution is live. A complete and tailor-made support offer, available worldwide, to simplify the daily life of your employees!