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ARAGO Ready for HR
Learn' Module
Manage your training plan and budget, and gain agility in the management of your catalogs and learning sessions
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ARAGO Ready for HR

An organized learning plan
from the collection of needs to the validations and certifications

Streamline the entire learning process, enabling your teams to collaborate effectively on session and resource planning, budget optimization, and reporting. Achieve substantial gains at all levels, thanks to quality learning follow-up.
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Learning has never been so close to employees' needs

Collection of learning needs

Catalog and off-catalog

Employees make their learning requests in the tool; they are then submitted to the manager for validation.

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Elaboration of the learning plan

Elaboration | Forecasting | Recycling

The learning plan is set up by the HR department, with validation of the provisional budget and the resumption of recycling.

Logistic and administrative management

  • Planning learning sessions and paths
  • Management of authorizations
  • Automatic sending of documents (convocations, diplomas, …)
  • Calendar view of learning sessions

Monitoring and reporting

Milestone dashboard | Standard reports

The Learn’ module offers a dashboard with over 30 available reports and the ability to customize and create training materials.


for managers and employees

Managing learning has never been easier!

Each employee is an active participant in his or her own learning path. Automated, the processes of gathering needs and validating training are fluid.

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Which languages are available for the ARAGO Ready for HR Learn' solution?

The ARAGO Ready for HR solution is available in French, English, German, Spanish and Portuguese. This list can evolve according to the needs of our customers and users. Need additional languages?

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What kind of technology is ARAGO Ready for HR based on?

The ARAGO Ready for HR Learn’ module embeds the Training Orchestra technology. More than 10 years of experience and expertise on projects around “learning” have enabled ARAGO Consulting to set up pre-configured adapted to the needs of SMEs.