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ARAGO Ready for HR makes HR digitization easier, for your operational efficiency
ARAGO Ready for HR is a solution developed by ARAGO Consulting
Meet our ARAGO experts
ARAGO Ready for HR

Pioneers of HR Cloud


ARAGO Consulting supports companies in their digital transformation, offering innovative cloud services and software solutions to optimize HR and operational processes and improve the quality of the employee experience.

Pioneers of the HR Cloud and the SAP SuccessFactors solution since the creation of the company in 2010, we are convinced that HR strategy is a powerful differentiation lever for companies: we have been involved for more than 10 years with HR departments of companies of all sizes and in all sectors.


Simplicity and agility for the mid-market


Today, mid-market companies have the same needs as large groups, i.e. a tighter management of human resources – without the sophistication of processes and tools, but with simplicity and agility!

Whether it’s administrative management, recruitment, learning or performance measurement, ARAGO Ready for HR meets the HR management needs of mid-market companies by offering same services as large groups, but adapted to their specific needs.

Key figures

  • 10
    years of experience in the integration of HR solutions
  • 180+
    Expert and certified consultants
  • 11
    Offices around the world
  • 1st
    SAP SuccessFactors Expert Pool in Europe
  • 550+
    SAP SuccessFactors projects completed
  • 1M+
    SAP SuccessFactors users in production

HR digital transformation Partner


ARAGO Consulting is a global integrator and reseller of SAP SuccessFactors, and a certified SAP Gold Partner.

Our teams of consultants successfully support companies in the digital transformation of their HR processes and their transition to the cloud. We have built the ARAGO Ready for HR solution by capitalizing on these successful project experiences, in a wide range of international contexts.

The Admin’, Recruit’, Talent’ and Learn’ modules embed the best HR practices on the market, adapted to the SMEs specific needs.

A global reach