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SMEs and Inbound Recruiting, how to attract the best candidates?

Wednesday 21 July 2021
To hire effectively, SMEs must also adapt their recruitment processes to candidates’ job search habits. Posting a job offer on your website and social networking is no longer enough to attract talent! Candidates and future talent who apply to SMEs want to join a company that is like them and reflects their values. They read up about the company, its business, its challenges, its values but also the quality of life at work, employee opinions, benefits, etc.

What is Inbound Recruiting?


Inbound Recruiting can be defined as a strategy to attract potential candidates through the publication and sharing of qualitative content (employee opinions, highlighting of employees, interviews, team building, etc.). This content aims to present your company and its advantages and convince talents to join it. Candidates are considered as marketing “leads” that you want to turn into employees. Inbound Recruiting plays a major role in the development of the SME employer brand and the interest of candidates for your company. It is especially important for SMEs and intermediate-sized companies as it will contribute to the development of the reputation of the company while emphasizing its values.



Why set up Inbound Recruiting?


  • It requires little financial means: Inbound recruiting represents a time investment rather than a financial investment; herein lies its value for SMEs that may have a limited budget. Indeed, creating content, communicating and getting in touch with the candidates takes time but very little additional budget.


  • Develops the employer brand: All actions help to strengthen your employer brand, optimizing the visibility of your brand, your products / services and your reputation on social media.


  • Enhances the corporate image to customers: Happy employees who show it, social actions and promoting the company also benefit your company’s business. It is a real growth boost for SMEs which have a good image, ethical and respectful operation and enhance their human capital.


How to improve your Inbound Recruiting strategy?


With the Recruit’ ARAGO Ready for HR module, you optimize every stage of your recruitment from the application to the job offer.


  • Your job vacancies are posted on your careers website on 3 different recognized Job Boards: APAC, LinkedIn, Monster, Neuvoo, BeBee…
  • You have access to a dashboard to monitor candidate documents and selections, build profile pools, analyze cvs, to better guide you in your selection.
  • You create your talent pool directly from the solution to meet your current and future needs.

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