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ARAGO Ready for HR
Expense' Module

Travel and Expense solution designed for SMEs

  • From automatic expense capture to accounting in just a few clicks!
  • Easy to use, Fast to deploy, Affordable, Automatically integrated with Finance and HR Systems.
  • Advanced features, even on mobile.
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A best-in-class solution for SMB,
based on SAP Concur,
the market leader, most complete and powerful tool

A single Expense Management packaged solution accessible from the mobile app and web browsers.
Collecting receipts, submitting and approving expense reports have never been easier!
Introduction to Expense Management Schedule

Fast to handle Travel and Expense solution with ready-to-use content

Expenses and receipts

automatic capture
  • Capture expense reports from the application
  • Photo of receipts
  • Direct connection to suppliers
  • Business card transactions
  • Expense report ready to be submitted for validation by the manager, in a few clicks only
  • Archiving with probative value
ARAGO Ready for HR Expense

Digitised Travel and Expense Management

made easier
  • Submitting expense reports from the application
  • Expense Policy compliance
  • Expenses Approval from mobile or web
  • Verifying: Accounting and Tax review
  • Sending data to your Financial System
ARAGO Ready for Expense Approval Screen

Improved experience

for Employees and Accounting
  • Mobile IOS/Android Application
  • Expense Types Catalog
  • Approval Workflow
  • Car Mileage
  • VAT Management
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ARAGO Ready for Expense


What are the languages available for ARAGO Ready for HR Expense'?

ARAGO Ready for HR Expense’ is available in English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. Need additional languages?

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What is the technology beyond ARAGO Ready for HR Expense'?

ARAGO Ready for HR Expense’ is a pre-packaged solution created by ARAGO Consulting based on SAP Concur Expense. Years of experience and project expertise have enabled ARAGO Consulting to set up pre-configured packages adapted to the needs of SMEs. ARAGO Ready for HR Expense’ benefits from the power and robustness of SAP Concur and the flexibility of the cloud.

What is the cost of the ARAGO Ready for HR Expense' module?

Please refer to the Pricing page.

Our pricing structure is modular to better meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.
The modules are offered with 2 price levels: “Foundation”, and “Advanced” which gives you access to some additional features.

Can ARAGO Ready for HR Expense' be integrated with the ERP?

For Expense management, financial integration between expense solution and ERP is a key differentiator. ARAGO Ready for HR Expense’ integrates quite easily and seamlessly with SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, and more.

What if my company has locations in another country?

ARAGO Ready for HR Expense’ is the perfect Expense Management solution to be deployed in 2 countries or more.