The issues of HR digitization for SMEs

Sexta-feira 3 Junho 2022
HR digitisation is a way to drive forward the digital transformation of SMEs and mid-sized companies. It is an essential step when organisations decide to put digital at the heart of their strategy.

HR digitalisation represents a challenge for SMEs and intermediate-size businesses. What are the benefits of digitalisation of HR administrative processes, recruitment, learning and talent management for HR leaders, managers, and employees?


Prioritising high-value tasks by digitising the most time-consuming and repetitive of them


Some tasks like data input and updating, managing and sending documents or the examination of applications, are time consuming and can be automated. In doing so, HR can focus on tasks with higher added value that require the expertise and experience of a professional, to save time and enhance productivity and improve HR service quality.


ARAGO Consulting advice: STOP using Excel files for your HR management! … too many SMEs still use it , because they are used to, and also for economic reasons. Yet spreadsheets can be very limiting: complexity, inflexibility, no version control nor ability to work collaboratively. Input or version errors are easily done! Modern, agile and integrated solutions like ARAGO Ready for HR is able to efficiently replace Excel.

Providing an Employee Experience tailored to employee expectations


Offering a rich and relevant employee experience is a response to recruitment issues and loyalty of SMEs. Indeed, employees today more than ever want to feel that they are considered to be important elements of the business. They expect their employer to listen, consider, empower them and support their career choices. From the perspective of tools and internal relations, they want to regain the flexibility and convenience of the digital and mobile tools they use every day.


HR digitising solutions for SMEs like ARAGO Ready for HR offer more autonomy to employees for applying for and tracking leave, monitoring objectives, training, access to administrative documents.


Secured and protected data


GDPR compliance requires companies to ensure their customers’ data security, but also the security of their employees’ data. HR information systems (HRIS) like ARAGO Ready for HR comply with data protection regulations. For exemple, the HR system allows the digitalisation of documents to prevent loss and theft, and offers process management and storage of secure data validated by the authorities.


HR Dematerialisation: fast, simple, economical and ecological


In addition to flexibility and responsiveness, HR documents digitisation benefits to employees, managers, and HR teams. Employees can access all their HR documents anytime, anywhere, and centrally, even when working remotely. For the company, storage is centralised, sharing and sending documents is fast and easy, and going paperless has a positive economic and environmental impact.


Develop the employer branding


A strong and positive employer branding conveys the image of a modern and connected company. By offering your employees simple and useful digital services and tools, they will be likely to share their experience on social media or with their personal network. Online presence naturally developed by your employees is a real asset for talent attraction.